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Affiliate Program - Frequently Asked Questions

TravelToe has compiled this info so that you may be better informed about our affiliate programme.

Please note that these faqs apply to all the TravelToe affilate programmes. TravelToe has two separate affilate programmes (Tours (Day and Multi-day) and Europe River Cruises). Although only one sign-up is required for all the TravelToe Affiliate programme, statistics and payout thresholds are maintained separately for each programme.

The TravelToe cruise site is on

If you have any questions please contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1?   What is an affiliate program?

Answer 1.   Affiliate programs are a way you can can make significant money from your travel related web site! We offer a way to earn commission by sending traffic to the web pages. This is done through pre-made HTML links (banners, text links, data feeds on products etc.). We supply everything so all you have to do is sign-up and copy and paste the links. Links can be created within each of the TravelToe affiliate programmes ( and\cruise). The affiliate programmes keeps tracking of real-time sales and also provides a interface so you can monitor your activity and commission.



Question 2?   How do I sign up and what does it cost?

Answer 2.   Signing up and joining the affilate program is free. Just click on Affiliate Login at the bottom of this page and then follow the easy steps given to fill out the New Affilate form and copy the banner code into your site. You may cancel at any time and there are no minimum sales requirement. You can link directly on individual products, destinations, or activity grouping at a destination with colourful images and banner selections.



Question 3?   How do I know I am earning fees when my customers book TravelToe product?

Answer 3.   When your customer books a TravelToe product accessed through your website, TravelToe is able to determine if it is a booking generated by your website by a unique ID allocated at the time of your membership. This ID is included in all bookings generated from a referral from your website. Once your referral goes to any TravelToe page, the referral ID id passed automatically to the affiliate programmes if the customer goes to those pages.



Question 4?   Can I see reports on booking activity from my website?

Answer 4.   You will receive access to online reporting on all TravelToe product related booking activity on your website, including: Number of Impressions, Number of Visits, Transactions, Conversion %, Sales Amounts, Sales Averages, Clickthrough Rates, Pay Per Sale Rates. You will need to log on to the affiliate programme to see the statistics/sales.



Question 5?   Can I be in any country and run the TravelToe Affiliate Program?

Answer 5.   You can be anywhere in the world and run the TravelToe Affiliate Program. Today we display product only in the English language and some German and display prices in multiple currencies



Question 6?   I have more than one website - can I use the same TravelToe Affiliate on all of them?

Answer 6.   Yes. You can use the same TravelToe Affiliate across any number of websites, and throughout each site.



Question 7?   What are my responsibilities as a TravelToe Affiliate

Answer 7.   You must be prepared to display and promote TravelToe product as provided specifically to you without altering/manipulating the information provided or the links.



Question 8?   What are the responsibilities of TravelToe?

Answer 8.   We will provide you with the tools and support you need to maximize TravelToe product bookings through your website. We will process bookings and and be the merchant (credit card) for all customers booking TravelToe product through your website. We will respond to all technical issues and product enquiries.



Question 9?   How much and how often do I get paid?

Answer 9.   TravelToe will pay you a fee of at 5% of the gross retail price on all TravelToe products sold on and through your website and availed by your customers. Since the average cruise costs several thousand dollares/euros, the affiliate commission fees can be substantial. Day Tour sales are priced lower and therefore are more actively sold. For the Cruise Affiliate Programme, you must have two sales within or between the programmes to begin recieving commissions. For the Day Tours, commissions are made after 50 Euros in commissions are met. The sales have no expiration time period. In other words, a sale in one month and a sale a year later would still count as two sales. Once the two sales minimum is met, commissions will be paid within 30 days of the end of each calendar month by direct deposit, typically by paypal (alternate means of payment can be discussed) after the cruise or tour has started.



Question 10?   What about cancellations?

Answer 10.   The commissions of a cancelled product would be reversed from your balance.



Question 11?   I am still unsure about one thing?

Answer 11.   For additional questions regarding the affilate program, or anything, please contact us at: TravelToe.